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Time For A New Year’s Resolution Revolution

by Lisa

Happy New Year Revolution

New Year’s Resolution Revolution.

Quite a tongue twister – try saying that 5 times in a row!

Why have a New Year’s Resolution Revolution?

It’s time to turn everything upside down. Inside out. You know why you didn’t stay true to last year’s resolutions — you forgot about them. You wrote them down or kept them in your head and promptly forgot about them.

And then sometime around the end of February when you dropped out of your exercise program, didn’t sign up for the French class you wanted to take, hadn’t written your marketing plan for the quarter, you remembered them and decided you’d get to those New Year’s Resolutions real soon. Only you didn’t.

And then June rolled around. You realized half the year was over and you still hadn’t made headway on your New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, you weighed 12 pounds more because you did learn Croissant real good and your sales were down because you never did get around to writing and implementing your marketing plan. Now it was guilt and shame that kept you from going back to see just exactly what your New Year’s Resolutions you had made for the year.

How to have a New Year’s Resolution Revolution:

Forget your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions.  Don’t start thinking about your intentions of a year ago and how you didn’t follow through. You probably already forgot them anyway.

Why start the New Year on a negative note? Let it go. In fact, if you have your 2010 Resolutions written down on a sheet of paper, burn it!

Focus on the 7 best moments of your life in 2010.

What did you do? Who did you meet? Where did you go? How did you feel? Little things. Big things. What were the 7 best moments of YOUR life in 2010? Write them down in your journal. Savor those moments. Feel good about your accomplishments.

Now focus on the 7 best moments you want to have in 2011.

It’s just 7 things. Little things. Big things. These are the moments YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE. Getting on the scale and weighing 15% less. Writing a marketing plan you can actually work and believe in. Increasing your sales by 10%. Cracking a new niche market. Visiting a museum you drive by daily, but have never taken the time to stop. Remembering to send your friends and family members birthday cards – on time.

Create your List Plan.

When do you want to experience these things? What steps must you take to have the experience? What do you need to do and when do you need to do it?

When you have a New Year’s Resolution Revolution your list becomes fun! It’s about having wonderful experiences. It’s not about work. You’ll look forward to the process which gets you to the experiences.

Five Things You Must Do for a New Year’s Resolution Revolution:

  1. Forget about 2010 Resolutions. Burn them.
  2. Write down the 7 best experiences of 2010. Savor them.
  3. Write down the 7 best moments you want to experience in 2011. Big things. Little things.
  4. Create your List Plan for each moment. When do you want to experience the moments? What steps must you take to get the experience?
  5. Review your 7 Best Moments of 2011 AND your List Plan each week. Yes,  each week. It’s called staying on track.

Come back and visit here. I’ll help keep you on track.

Your comments are not only encouraged, they are appreciated!

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mia December 31, 2010 at 9:37 am

7 & 7 — I can and will do that! Thanks for the inspiration. The hardest with me on resolutions is regularly checking in on my goals–or having a plan for carrying them out.

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